Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Training Update - Aug 17 - 23

This was an easy taper week for me. No hard running except for a few miles in Lynn Woods Wednesday night. I didn’t do a long run either, just 10 miles at the Moose on the Loose race on Sunday. I’ll do two or three short, easy runs this week and wont do any running beyond Thursday. I want to be well rested going into the GLER 50K on Sunday.

Weekly ReCap:

Total Miles: 33
Long Run: 10
# of Runs: 5
Avg. Run: 6.6

I not a big fan of the taper….


  1. I hate tapers too....it feels wrong to do almost nothing when your body is used to beating itself into the ground!

  2. Good luck on Sunday. So exciting! Ana

  3. Dan, I had an hour message. That's my taper this week.

  4. Kevin, you and me think alike.

    Ana, thanks, it is exciting!

    Emily, I think you're on to something.


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