Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Broken Again

Well, the dull ache I've had in my foot since November turned into a "hot poker" stabbing me in the foot sort of pain two weeks ago.  Since then, I wisely stopped running and made an appointment to see a podiatrist. Some would argue it would have been wiser to stop running BEFORE the "hot poker" incident but there's no sense dwelling on past mistakes (of which I've made many).  Unfortunately, the foot still hurts and my appointment is two weeks away.  That means I'm sitting out the month of January and who knows how much longer after my doctor's visit.  And my SI joint and/or lower back is messed up again.

  Just shoot me.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Umstead 100 - Not This Year

Last September I was one of the lucky ones that helped the Umstead 100 reach its entry limit of 300 runners in a mere six minutes! At the time I had no reason to believe I would be ready to run 100 miles in March. I had been bothered by chronic injuries all year and there was no sign of any improvement. I had a better chance of being struck by lighting than getting healthy enough to train seriously for a 100 mile race. But I entered anyway and hoped for the best.

Four months later I’m feeling somewhat better but still not healed. The minimal amount of running I’ve done has helped reduce my knee pain significantly but has not eliminated it. The foot pain (ligament?) I’ve had since November is also better but I still feel a dull ache most of the time, even when not running. And my plantar fasciitis just won’t go away. Yep, I’m a train wreck.

So I did the math and didn’t like the results: Low mileage + no long runs + multiple injures = DNS (do not start) or else become a DNF (did not finish).

I emailed Blake, (the Race Director) and withdrew from the race. The decision was an easy one and it’s nice to know I’ve made someone on the waiting list VERY happy today.
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