Saturday, February 14, 2015

Countdown To TARC Spring Thaw

Only four weeks to go until the TARC Spring Thaw 6 hour run and I'm beginning to think there will be no spring in New England this year. Well, maybe not until June!  With three to four feet of snow pack on the ground and another one to two feet on the way, this trail race could turn into a snowshoe race. Either way, I've done virtually zero training but that doesn't scare me. In true TUG (The Ultra Gang) fashion I'll show up untrained but very well rested at my first race in over three years.

So much snow and still a long way to go.

Walk if I must. Run if I can.

UPDATE 3/12/14: I haven't been feeling well the past 3 weeks so I decided to pass on the race. I'll be looking to make the Merrimack River Trail race in April if I'm feeling better by then.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Training On Hold

I was making slow but steady progress with my workouts until four feet of snow fell withing a seven day period. That made the trails I train on nearly impossible to run....although I did try once. My options were limited but I managed to find a 0.60 mile loop in a quite neighborhood with very little traffic not far from my house. I felt it was safe to run on the roads there and did two five mile workouts last week. I split the time equally between swift walking and slow jogging (yeah, I'm that pitiful) covering five miles in the process. I was actually enjoying the road running (Did I just say that?). But after two days and 10 miles of road running my feet were done. The neuromas and plantar fascia issues I have in both feet flared up so the only running I'm doing now is to the freezer for a ice pack. Not sure what to do about the situation. This snow isn't going anywhere. I just may have to dust off my snowshoes.

Only 42 days until Spring!
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