Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Galloway Run And Weekly Training Update

Today I did my fourth long run using the Galloway training method. My first three runs were done using a 10:2, 8:2 and 5:1 run-walk ratio respectively. Today I tried a 4:1 ratio and have to say this one worked the best for me. The first 5 miles, like all of my long runs, were rough. It seems to take me a good hour before I start to feel good and get into a comfortable running grove. Maybe it's my tired old bones and muscles!

After my 5 mile "warmup" I felt strong and ran negative 5 mile splits the rest of the way.

Miles 1-5: 1:03:00
Miles 6-10: 59:42
Miles 11-15: 56:33
Miles 16-20: 53:37
Mile 21: 10:08

My legs weren't exempt from fatigue but much less so than on any of my other Galloway training runs.

I hit another "high" for 2009 by running 6 days and 51 miles this week!

Weekly ReCap:

Total Miles: 51
Long Run: 21
# of Runs: 6
Avg Run: 8.5
Trail Miles: 86%

Next weekend I'm racing at Oxford Dam. Yeah, no long run!


  1. so 4:00 of running and a minute walk break? I'm still looking for the "perfect" ratio and I'll try this on Saturday.
    Would you keep this ratio during a race?



  2. Hey Eric
    That's correct, 4 minutes of running followed by 1 minute of walking repeated throughout the run. I'm going to use this method in a 50K at the end of August. I plan to do the 4:1 for the first 37.5K and then just try to run the remaining 12.5K. I'll let you know how it works out.

  3. Nice job on the race Dan!

    Saturday's long run -26.10 miles 4/1 ratio - worked great! Thanks for saving me a few weeks of experimenting....I appreciate your hard work!

    Just a note - Eric Orton (running with Eric) has said that he often recommends running for 40mins and walking for 20 until the long run is complete (30-35miles) have you tried this before?

    Thanks again,

  4. Hey Eric,

    I'm glad the 4:1 worked out for you. Couldn't you have gone another tenth to get marathon distance ;-).

    I never tried the Orton's 40:20. Not sure I could get myself running again after walking so long. It may be worth trying when I prepare for my 50 mile race in the fall.

    Thanks for the thought, Dan


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