Thursday, August 27, 2009

Changes To Blog Layout

I've come to realize I let my blog sidebar get way out of control. In my attempt to provide my readers with comprehensive coverage of several trail race series, race schedules, results, and other information, the sidebar grew ridiculously long. I've made a few changes to reduce the clutter and to make it more user friendly. Here's whats been updated:

Race schedules and results: I've replaced the long listings of individual races and results with a photo icon labeled accordingly. Just click the photo and you will be taken to a page with the complete schedule of upcoming races or past results.

Gear I Use: Again, I've removed the listing of products I use most often with a photo link. Just click on the photo to view the gear I prefer with links to the manufacturers. More gear will be added to this page as I test and evaluate products. Check back occasionally for updates.

Other Sites I Like: I've eliminated the list since most were not running related and probably of little interest to most readers.

Blog Posts: Instead of having the five most recent posts on the main page I will only show the latest one going forward.

It's still not as compact as l'd like it but it's an improvement, I think. Please let me know what you think on the changes, like, dislike, don't notice any difference ;-). Feel free to offer suggestions.


  1. I would put yourself "About Me" on top.

  2. Great plan on updating the post. By the way, you have been extremely helpful with the trail racing info. you've provided. THANK YOU!

  3. Hey Meg,

    I'm glad you found this information useful. Why don't you become a "follower" ;-)?

    How's your training going?


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