Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heat Training In Bradley Palmer

Today I went for my last long training run before the running a 50K in two weeks. I intentionally waited until noon so I could run during the hottest part of the day. I feel I am already well acclimated to the heat but a little heat insurance couldn't hurt. Bradley Palmer has some open grass fields fully exposed to the blazing sun. They are smaller but similar to what I will encounter during the 50K so I wanted to get a feel for running in the open without the benefit of tree cover. I'm not a very good in the heat but the run went better than I expected, actually, it went very well. I never felt like the 88 degree temp was an issue.

The plan was to run only 15 miles so I didn't see the need to follow the Galloway method on this run. I just maintained a very steady, comfortable running pace for the entire workout. My 5 mile splits were very consistent:

Mile 5: 53:30
Mile 10: 53:38
Mile 15: 53:17

I came across 4 riders on horseback and 2 mountain bikers but other than that it was a very quiet afternoon in the woods.

Today, I also tested out a new item for hot weather running. I give it an A+ and I'm convinced it's one reason why the heat didn't bother me today. I'll post a complete review in a day or two.

Here's to sunshine....


  1. I can't wait to hear about the "item". Heat gets me every time when I run fast. Nice job on the run. Ana

  2. Hi Dan, your splits were even indeed! I am eager to learn about your heat item, too!
    The Sweathog, ET

  3. Wow...sounds like you're really gearing up and that race is so close. What is the heat item?


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