Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend On The Trails

A few notable races in New England this weekend. Cooler temperatures are forecasted so get out there and make tracks.

August 23rd - Mt. Toby 14M, Sunderland, MA - From Sunderland's Town Park (elevation 250’) to the top of Mt. Toby (1269’) and back, using a mixture of jeep roads and trails. Total climb is 1900’. The footing is rocky in places, but overall it is good for a trail race. The route first ascends steadily for 2 miles on the winding North Mountain Rd., follows old woods trails for 1.5 miles with little change in elevation, then makes a short climb over Cranberry Ridge before joining the jeep trail for the last 3 miles to the summit. The return is downhill. Yippee~!

August 23rd - Moose on the Loose 10M and relay, Nashua, NH - a 2.5 mile loop of flat non-technical dirt trails and fire roads in Mine Falls State park. Some rock and roots on the climb by the power lines but a very easy course by trail race standards.

August 23rd - Bramble Scramble 15 and 30K, Williston, VT - A fun and challenging course over Catamount's best terrain. The 15 kilometer loop starts out with some flatter trails and climbs upward to the "top" of Catamount and then progresses across the road to some more open trails. It is a great mix of both double and singletrack trails, and is primarily wooded with some more open areas at the end of the loop.

Let's have fun out there...


  1. The Bramble-Scramble is very enticing.

  2. Forget about it Pixie. You have a 50K in 10 days!

  3. Can't wait to hear how the 50k goes! What was your longest run and did you do it three weeks before the race?

    Yes, let's keep it fun...sound like you're doing just that!

  4. So which one are you going to do?

  5. Stephanie - I'm just doing the 10 mile race. It's part of a trail race series I'm doing this year and I want to score some more points. I have a 50K the following week so just taking it easy.

    How's your training/diet going?


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