Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Slow Runners to the Right!" - Moose on the Loose Race Report

The Moose on the Loose 10 mile race and relay [results] is 2.5 mile loop course in the tranquil Mine Falls State Park in Nashua, NH. It's part of the New Hampshire Gran Prix Race Series so it draws its share of speedy runners and teams looking to grab points and prizes. It's also race #9 in the Eastern New England Trail Race Series and my reason for making the trip. I had no intention of racing 10 miles with my 50K only seven days away. I am in a tight battle in the ENE Series and knew I would have to show up and score some points today if I wanted to stay in contention for a spot in the top three.

This really isn't a trail race in my opinion so I fully expected NOT to see anyone I knew today. The course is more like a cross-country race suited for road runners with speed. It's flat and fast! I was just there for the ride. Much to my surprise I saw a bunch of folks from Wicked Running and a friend I haven't seen in nearly two years. And right before the start, Trail Pixie and Sara showed up. I introduced Pixie and Roz to one another and we discussed how fast, or should I say, how slow we planned on running today.

Roz and I were planning to run the same pace so we started the race together. It was pretty hot by the time race started but fortunately most of the course was shade covered. The only time we were in the sun for any length of time was along the winding canal. The first loop passed quickly as we talked about what we've been up to over the past two years. By the end of the second loop we both needed a bathroom break due to excessive pre-race hydration! Luckily for us the port-a-johns were located right at the start/finish line.

I can't remember exactly when this happened but when one of the top 5 female runners was passing us, yes I was lapped, oh the shame ;-), she started angrily yelling at some runners ahead of us, "Slow runners to the right!" At first I thought, "how rude" but then I just started laughing out loud as Pixie looked back and laughed too. I've heard, "passing on your left/right", or "coming through" and a few other friendly warnings during trail races but never that one. I'm sure she was a road runner! Way to serious.

Well, I ran really slow and finished near the back of the pack but I didn't break anything! I just wanted to score a few points and make it through the Moose unscathed so it was a successful race in that respect. I'll be taking it easy over the next week, doing just a few short runs and should be good to go for my 50K next Sunday.

Ok, I'm moving to the right. No yelling please .....


  1. Hey Dan...I guess this really means that "I'm a slow runner." That WAS super funny, I laughed about it through the next loop (and now). IT's funny especially because no one was worse for the wear...and I joyfully remembered your post with the title: "I'm a slow Runner" or something like that! When I ran 7 Sisters a bunch of years ago, I passed a woman on the final downhill (with my controlled falling technique) and she said, "Hey, that's not fair!" I'll file that with today's memorable quote. We will surely get a LOT of mileage out of that next weekend...and beyond. teehhee. It was nice to meet Roz and see Sara, too!

  2. Dan,

    Nice to see you and Emily today!!

    You did a great job! I pulled up the rear but did manage to finish!

    I will admit it was a little disheartening when the RD stated "Finishers to the left and those with one more lap to go to the right" when I still had TWO more laps to go!! Argh!!

    I also agree with you about the "slow runner" comments! When people passed me (which was pretty much everyone) I always tried to say "great job, looking good, or whatever). At least 75% of the runners just ignored my comments and blew passed me!!! I definitely think there were a lot of road runners as the trail runs I have been too (ok-only have 2 races to go on so small sample size) seemed to have much friendlier competitors!!

    Oh, there's also nothing like getting lapped by the entire field multiple times!! In fact, by the time I made it to the finish, the food was gone and half the runners were out of there!! LOL However, I did manage to win a raffle prize!! *smile*

    But, you have to start somewhere so I am just happy I finished. This was the longest run I have ever done in my life!! :-0 :-0

    Good luck in your 50k and have fun!!!!


  3. Beautiful pictures, looks like a nice run! I cracked up about the slow runners which reminds me that on our up hill rock run last week, two mountain bikers came racing down a hill and one of them yelled, "Hikers on the left!" Hikers?? It was OBVIOUS we were running. My friend looked at me and said, "down girl!" I'm so happy you and Pixie laughed!

  4. Emily, it's always nice when you can get some free trail entertainment along with your entry fee. Her comment will bring a smile to my face for months to come.

    Sara, so glad you came out to another race. You sure picked a hot one! You did great. I hope you don't wait too long to do another one. Maybe I'll see you at Overlook next month?

    Meg, "Hikers" is a good one! I haven't had the "pleasure" of hearing that one yet. Yes, I've learned to laugh at all the up tight runners. Life's to short to get stressed over the silly stuff.


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