Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dean Karnazes Footbeds - Product Testing And Review

Unlike the flimsy cardboard or foam insoles (footbeds) that come as standard equipment with most running shoes, the SOLE Dean Karnazes Signature Edition footbeds are built to go the distance. They feature a moldable base layer, softec cushioning, a moisture-wicking top sheet, adjustable arch support and a deep heel cup.

By heating the footbeds in the oven, inserting them into your shoes, and standing in them for a few minutes you can create a custom insert molded specifically to your unique foot shape. These inserts provide much greater comfort and support than your standard insert and will last three to four times longer. The deep heel cup prevents movement than can cause friction and eventually blisters.

I have been using the SOLE footbeds since developing plantar fasciitis in both feet two years ago. It’s the only thing that’s been keeping me running relatively pain free. The custom orthotics I had made at the podiatrists office were bulky, uncomfortable, useless and expensive I might add. Even if you're not currently suffering with any foot issues you can still benefit from this great product.


  1. Dan, I just told someone about these SOLEs and also the PowerStep Pinnacle inserts, too. You wear the SOLEs right out of the "box" (without the heat) if I recall? How does this compare to heat trying them heat molded? I just ordered 3 pairs of the PowerStep Pinnacles to replace the one that are several years old. Unlike Souls ...but like shoes, they wear out.

  2. Em, I heated the first pair but not the second. I like the unheated pair better because it maintained a higher arch, which is what I need right now. It's all a matter of personal preference.


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