Monday, May 4, 2009

Lost In Lynn Woods

I went out for a planned 3 hour / 15 mile run this morning starting in Breakheart Reservation, making a big loop in Lynn Woods and returning back to Breakheart. The temperature was comfortable, near 60 degrees in the morning , but the humidity felt very high when I started out from Breakheart. My legs were feeling tired from the Overlook Trail Race on Sunday so I started out slow and kept it slow for the entire run.

When I made it over to the North-East corner of Walden Pond I decided to detour from my usual route and took an unmarked trail to see where it would take me. As I followed this trail there were several forks in the trail and I continued to head in the general direction of my intended run. After a while the trail ended at the base of a high, steep rock cliff. Not wanting to retrace my steps I decided to do some rock climbing.

It was a hard, slow climb but my reward for reaching the top was a spectacular view overlooking Walden Pond with Boston visible on the horizon. I had the option to go right or left at this point so I went right. This trail made a steep descent from the rock back down to the pond. This trail also ended as abruptly as the first. I wandered around trying to pick up another trail but didn't have any luck. I was never really lost, just temporarily misplaced! Reluctantly I retraced my steps back up the rock and took the trail on the left. (If you look near the north-east corner of Walden Pond you can see the fish hook shaped route I ran. This is where I backtracked to locate the trail.)

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After following this trail about a half mile I was able to locate my usual running trail and the rest of the run was uneventful. I did see one rider on horseback on my return. A very handsome, black horse sporting a very shiny coat. No other wildlife though. I haven't seen any dear on my past 2 or 3 runs here. Bummer! My legs were feeling pretty shot when I got back to Breakheat so I ran straight to the Ranger's Station and didn't add any more miles there. I finished with 13.1 miles in 2:40:37. Slightly over the 12 minute miles I wanted to run but still close enough. I'll be taking off a few days before the weekend to rest my legs for MorFun Wapack!

Have I ever told you how much I hate running mountains!


  1. Dan, woah. I can't believe you went out and ran that far after Overook. That's just k'way-Z. My legs are fatigued. I'll get my post up soon. Just so tired from a fun-filled weekend. Let there be no" Wa Wa Wa" at Wapack...Rest UP! ;-)

  2. In my little experience with Lynn Woods there seem to be a lot of those "trails to nowhere" especially around Birch Pond... Maybe you stumbled on more uninhabited F-Cubed locales :-). Though I am also sure I ran by a drug deal in progress one evening as well on the west end of Birch Pond, so maybe it isn't just for FFF's.

    I hope the legs start feeling better, because I have a feeling this time next week both you and I will be in super slow motion from our respective weekend adventures!

  3. Emily - There will be lots of tears I'm sure.

    Rob - I did see someone wrapped in a trap between two large rocks. It was either a homeless person sleeping, or the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Either way, I wasn't going in for a closer look!

  4. Dan, you sound a lot like me, reluctant to turn back and curious as to where the trail will lead. If we ever run together we will have to bring enough provisions for a week.

  5. Laurel, it would be my pleasure to go for a run with you. I'll take my large Camelbak, lots of storage for goodies. Maybe we can do it the day after you finish Massanutten. That way I may have a chance for keeping up with you! ;-)


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