Saturday, May 2, 2009

Product Testing and Review - Injinji Toe Socks

When it comes to the gear we use socks are not the sexiest item in our inventory. Sexy no, essential yes. Socks protect our feet from debris that enters our shoes, wick away perspiration keeping our feet dry and blister free (in theory) and provide an additional layer of cushioning to the pounding our feet endure on the trails. Over the years I have tried many different brands of socks but none of them kept me blister free. Coating my feet and toes with BodyGlide and other anti- abrasions didn't offer 100% protection either.

I figured I was destined to a life time of popping blisters until I discovered the Injinji Tetratsok. Unlike convention socks that cram your toes together causing friction and eventually blisters, Injinji toe socks separate your little piggies. Individual anatomical toe sleeves form a thin anti-blister membrane between toes to eliminate skin-against-skin friction. I have been wearing the Injinji's for 2 years now and haven't have a single blister even when doing runs of up to six hours, and with very wet feet.

They come is different styles from micro-mini to crew to match your individual preference. They are also made with various materials such as CoolMax, NuWool and NuBamboo, an Eco Series collection made primarily of natural, organic, and sustainable fibers. If blisters have been a problem for you, you may want to take the Injinji toe socks out for a run. You've got nothing to lose but your blisters!


  1. Dan, this post is so timely, as I have been looking into buying some Injinji socks (thanks to your recommendation a while back). I have huge issues with blisters - they love me too much! I went to the website but was confused as to what type of material would work best (coolmax, etc). Any suggestions? Ana

  2. Ana, for road running I like the Performance Mini-crew made with CoolMax. For trail running I like the Outdoor Crew made with NuWool. The higher crew sock helps to keep debris from getting into your sock and the wool keeps your feet warmer and more comfortable if they get wet running through brooks and streams.

  3. Dan, also timely, as I got my latest shipment of new gear, one item is Drymax Socks, so I'll have another base covered with footwear testing. :-).


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