Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekly Training Update - May 11 - 17

I dropped my mileage down this week to aid in my recovery from a nearly 7 hour run on the Wapack trail last weekend. I felt good early in the week but struggled though my last training run before the Soapstone Mountain race. To my surprise I ran well at Soapstone, better than expected anyway. I think the easy training week definitely allowed me to fully recover. Another low mileage week ahead and then I'll crank it up again.

Weekly ReCap:

Total Miles: 27
Long Run: 14 (race)
# of runs: 4
Avg Miles: 6.8

See you at Trav's

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  1. 27 is so not low mileage, at least in my book. I am at 26 this week, hoping to get up to 30 soon. Glad the run went well! Ana-Maria


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