Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Training Update - May 4 - 10

I completed another solid week of training hitting 40 miles for the second time in three weeks. I also reached another personal record for 'time on my feet' at 6 hours and 45 minutes on the Wapack Trail. An excellent training and learning experience for my upcoming ultra attempt this fall.

Weekly Recap:

Total Miles: 40
Long Run: 22
# of Days: 3
Avg Miles: 13.3
Trail Miles: 90%
# of Races: 1
Race Miles: 22

Wapack race report is on the way....


  1. This is cool. Especially 3 in a row. Your body must love the running!

  2. Dan, Way to keep the training going. Wapack is a tough trail, I can't wait to read the race report.

  3. Great job Dan, geesh,,,,40 miles a week, I haven't come near that yet and honestly am not sure I could schedule enough time this spring for it. I guess right now I am pretty happy with the 30s. Though in taper I have been closer to 20 miles in the last two weeks.

  4. Dan!

    Nearly seven hours is truly impressive. Looking at your pictures, I can tell it wasn't an easy 6:45 either.



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