Friday, May 15, 2009

New Life On Muddy River

Spring is always a wonderful time along the Muddy River where I do my lunch time runs. The grass has tuned from brown to green, the daffodils are in bloom, the tree cover provides some relief from the warm rays of the sun and the goslings are scampering along the banks of the river.

No matter how many times I see these little walking tennis balls I never get tired of watching them, if only for a minute before moving on to complete my run. I have to admit I get a laugh out of seeing how close I can approach them before an adult starts bobbing it’s head, hissing at me with a curled tongue!

Yes, I’m easily entertained….


  1. I run through here all the time, just saw these little guys this week...but I think it's time the geese go back to Canada eh

    Btw nice E2E at Wapack last weekend...

  2. That's what I admire about nature - a species way of adapting to their surroundings. Muddy River is an interesting spot... ummm... I leave it at that, I believe you had another name for the park. :-)


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