Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Training Update - May 18 - 24

This was my second easy week since the Wapack End to End race. I feel like I have fully recovered and I'm looking forward to getting in 40+ miles during the week ahead. Without any races planned it should be easy to do if I run long, 20 miles or more, on the weekend. I ended this week with an easy 3 mile race yesterday. It felt good to run without all the extra gear, food and fluid required for a 20 mile race.

Weekly ReCap:

Total Miles: 21
Long Run: Didn't do one !! :-)
# of Runs: 4
Avg Miles: 5.2

Hope you enjoyed your day off...


  1. Dan, I had a lot of fun at Trav's--kickin' it squirrel style. You ran well and are right on about the nice break from running with all the fluids and fixin'z for a long run.... Maudslay is superb training grounds.

  2. That's a great time especially for running on a trail. Congrats!


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