Monday, May 4, 2009

April Training Update

April was the fourth month in a row that I increased my monthly mileage total. It was a mixed month with my weekly totals fluctuating between 20 and 41 miles, longs run from 12 to 20 miles with one decent race and one poor performance. Overall, not a bad month as I try to work on nutrition, hydration and pacing for an ultra attempt while jumping into a race here and there to get in some faster running.

April Recap:

Total Miles: 137
Longest Run: 20
# of Runs: 19
Avg per Run: 7.2
# of Races: 2
Race Miles: 26


  1. Wow,
    My monthly total are pathetic compared to yours. I actually ran my two highest months in March (125 mi)and april (113.7) since I started running 7 years ago. Perhaps I should be getting in longer runs during the week?

  2. Kevin
    Because I have to run on my lunch hour I don’t get many miles in during the week, only running twice Tuesday – Friday. I try to pile them on during the weekend. It makes for tired legs but I guess you are going to have tired legs in longer races so it’s good training. If you have the time for a longish (10-12) mid-week run you should do that.


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