Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lynn Woods Summer Race Series

A North Shore tradition for nearly 40 years, the Lynn Woods Cross Country summer race series kicks off the 2009 season next Wednesday (5/27/09) at the Great Woods Road entrance to Lynn Woods. Started originally by the Lynn Park Department, the races are now administered and sponsored by the North Medford Club, North Shore Striders, and the Lynn AC. The series is a social event as much as it is a race event. Familiar faces are seen week to week, friendships are fostered and a little friendly competition develops as the series progresses throughout the summer.

Races are held on Wednesdays during June, July, and August. All but the last two weeks of the series are free but I strongly encourage you to drop a small donation into the “coffee can” when you register for the race. There is a modest entry free for the 10 Mile Relay (4 person team) and the Handicap race. Bill Mullen the RD for over for over 30 years I think, with the help of a few volunteers, makes these races possible by marking the course, registering runners, recording results, and providing post-race Gatorade and water. Talk about giving back to the sport! He is truly a great guy.

Each week 2 races are run simultaneously; a short one of 2-3 miles and a longer one somewhere between 4 and 8 miles. There are also a 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile races for children. The courses are run mostly on dirt roads and trails. The beginning and end of each race is on 200 yards of pavement. Footing can be difficult in parts. All of the courses can be described as hilly and challenging. No cars are allowed within the Woods. You may encounter some mountain bikers or even a horse or two along the way. My favorite races are the one’s Bill calls “Tour de Woods”. These gems take you on some of the less traveled paths and trails in the reservation.

So, if you’re interested in some mid-week tempo work or want to get in a hard workout in the company of others, consider a dive to Lynn Woods. Heck, you can even RACE if you want to!

Complete race schedule can be found HERE.

Hope to see you there….

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  1. I'm planning on a few of these for sure! How close is it to Kane's? Just kidding. weehaaa!


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