Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Ultra Coming to Connecticut This Spring

The Traprock 50K will be held the weekend of April 3-4 in West Hartford. It is a 3 loop course of approximately 11 miles each through the woods of the West Hartford Reservoir. There is one big climb per loop. The rest of the course is rolling terrain with beautiful scenery. It is a combination of double-track and single-track with a portion of the race run on the historic Metacomet Trail along Connecticut's beautiful traprock ridge.

The actual date is still not set due to permitting issues and other conflicting races in the area on the 3rd. I question the wisdom of holding the race on April 4th though since it is Easter Sunday. If it’s Saturday I will be there.


  1. Would you also run DRB on the 18th, or are the two races too close?

  2. Steve, I think if I take it easy in CT and stick to low mileage the next two weeks I should be able to run DRB as well. I did hear today that the date may be changed again. Northern Nipmuck is on the 3rd and the Traprock RD does not want to conflict with it.

  3. What Dan means to say is that while Rob is dragging ass at the back of the pack, he will just keep up and retrieve any lost limbs to happen to fall off in the process! I am hoping Hyannis won't wreck me too bad, and I can show some constitution on the trails... get it? :-)


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