Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product Reviews – Drymax Running, Trail and Lite Trail Socks

Last fall I received several pairs of socks from the Drymax line thanks to the generosity of Bob at Drymax. Socks made with ‘wicking’ material rely on evaporation to remove moisture. This results in a wet sock, wet feet and ultimately blisters. Drymax socks use a unique fiber that repels water and keeps your feet dry and happy. Here my thoughts on the three types I wear most often. I’ll be posting reviews of the other models in the weeks ahead.

Drymax Running
This sock has a vented arch band that also wraps around the instep and a breathable mesh above the toes that aids in cooling and drying. This is a good choice for running in cool to warm temperatures. I recommend these socks for running on roads and bike paths but not for trails. They are white and wouldn’t stay that way for long on dusty or muddy trails. Plus, they don’t have the ‘trail specific’ features of the Drymax trail socks.

Drymax Trail
To help prevent dirt from getting inside, Drymax Trail socks do not have any vents. Dirt inside the sock can easily cause blisters or rub the skin raw. In addition, the Trail sock has a double welted leg with extra padding around the ankle. This extra padding protects the leg, seals the top of the shoe to keep out debris and helps to repel water. I wear these most often with great results. I recently completed a five hour run on snow covered trails without any issues. My feet stayed warm and blisters free.

Drymax Lite Trail
These are similar in design to the Trail sock but made with a lighter weight material. Like the Trail version it also has the arch band to help keep the sock in place when running over gnarly terrain. This is the perfect sock for warm weather running on the trails.

Happy feet = happy runner

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  1. I have been virtually blister free since switching to Drymax socks a little over a year ago. Last weekend I ran the Brazil 135 Ultra in Drymax Maximum Protection Socks, and was blister free through mud, rain, and 95 degree heat. Not too shabby.


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