Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Snowshoe Fun

After trashing my legs at the GAC Fat Ass on Saturday I decided to go for a snowshoe run on Monday. I went to my usual stomping grounds (Breakheart) since time was an issue and it’s close to my house. Many of the trails had seen a lot of traffic since I was here last week. They were nicely compacted and it made for easier running most of the time. My legs were still feeling the effects of running 30K in deep snow but loosened up after 15 – 20 minutes. It was a quite day in the reservation. I only came across one person walking their greyhound by Pearce Lake.

Lazy brook deep in the woods.

I spend some time running near some of the small brooks and streams in the woods. Some people like bridges, others like thick green moss. I like brooks and streams that quietly meander their way along to forest floor, seeking a way to escape into open waters. After 25 minutes or so I felt adequately warmed up and decided to finish the workout with some hills. Climbing hills is definitely the weakest aspect of my shoeing and trail running. I find that strange because I was a very good uphill runner when I ran roads back in the day. It didn’t carry over to trails at all. As you can see from the elevation profile below I did a fair amount of climbing in the middle three miles. It felt good to do something different. I’ll try to add some hills once a week while there is still some snow cover.

Next up is the Feel Good Farm snowshoe race. A hill climber’s course from what I hear. I’m in big trouble!


  1. Oooh, to be in trouble for something like that? I'd take it! ;)

  2. I know what you mean about brooks....I could sit and listen to a quiet babbling brook or a roaring stream or river. Running water is tranquil.

  3. got to love those hills. Not a lot of quiet places to run here in Toronto. I am jealous


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