Monday, January 18, 2010

Follow-up to Feel Good Farm Race Report

I’m not sure how I forgot about this in my original post since it was the highlight of the day. I was hanging around after the race talking to a group of runners from Rhode Island (Tuesday Night Turtles) when one of them invited me to join them in their traditional celebratory post-race gathering at a brew-pub. Since they were a nice, friendly group and I was famished (see original post), I gladly accepted. I followed them to Nashua (only running one yellow light in the process) where we converged on Martha’s Exchange on Main Street. The beer and food was almost as good as the conversation with Scott, Jenny, John, Ben, Robert, David (Jr & Sr) Emily and Chris. Sorry, I know I forgot a name or two but it was a long table and I was on the end! The camaraderie in this sport is truly amazing and I am very thankful to be a small part of it.


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