Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grand Tree 2008 Race Series - Final Standings

Another year has closed on the increasingly popular Western Mass Athletic Club's Grand Tree Trail Race Series. More races were added to the schedule this year bringing the total to 25. It was a long season starting in April with Northern Nipmuck and ending in November with the Stone Cat Ale 50 mile and marathon. 463 runners competed in at least 2 of the races in 2008.

Overall male and female winners in the total points standing are Thomas Parker with 1382.00 and Michelle Roy with 1130.55. Michelle also placed 4th overall in total points. Parker finished an amazing 20 races while Roy ran an impressive 18 out of 25 races. They both should receive the "Most Durable" award.

I competed in 5 Grand Tree events this year, my best showing in three years. I opted out of the Groton Town Forest race at the last minute and ran an
Eastern New England Trail Race Series race instead. This cost me a Stonehead ranking since 6 finishes in the Grand Tree Series are required for this award. Oh well, maybe next year. I finished the year with 339 points, good enough for 64th place overall. Not a bad placement considering all the problems I've have the past year and a half.

Complete Rankings:

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