Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm A Jogger

Another Wednesday tempo workout in Lynn Woods and another double run day. Once again I didn’t plan it that way but the weather was iffy all day so I went out for a short lunch-time run just in case the rain came later. Well, the rain held off and I saw no reason to skip the 3rd race in the Lynn Woods Summer XC Series. The race course for this week was a 5.5 mile loop on dirt fire roads. One on my least favorite courses in the series but it does provide a good workout with rolling hills from miles 3.5 to 4.5 and a few good climbs along the way.

I started out very slowly, chatting with other runners for the first mile. After mile one, I gradually started to pick up the pace and began passing runners that went out faster than me. I worked all the hills in the middle of the course and poured on the coals for the final mile to the finish. I felt very strong during the race and passed several runners without ever getting passed. Even though I wasn’t racing, having runners as “bait” to key on kept me motivated during the workout. Hopefully turning over the legs faster once a week will translate into some faster finishes in the Grand Tree and Eastern New England trail races I’m running in the weeks ahead.

I went out for an easy four mile run today during lunch and the plantar fascia of my right foot was pretty sore. This always happens whenever I run faster than a 9 minute pace and last night I ran sub 8:30s. Icing it for a few days usually helps. When I was running I ran past two young women who were walking in the park. As I passed, I heard one say to the other, “There are a lot of joggers here.” There was a time when I would have taken offense to such a statement. But that was back when I could run 56 minutes in a 10 mile race. Today, no offense was taken. As I slowly pulled away at 10 minutes per mile I just smiled and thought, “Yep, I’m a jogger.”

You got a problem with that?


  1. Ha, ha, a jogger who pulls off double runs!
    So, I am going to start coming to the Lynn Woods races in July (starting with July 8th). If the traffic is not too bad, I might make it there weekly. Hope to see you there! Ana

  2. Ana, the traffic is always an issue for me too. Some weeks I make it and some I don't. You just never know with Boston traffic. Hope to see you there next month.

  3. Huh - you were a real speedster!!!

    I also get injuries more easily when I run faster then jogging (!) just recently found out. Seems I'm not the only one.

    So here is to "happy jogging"!

  4. Ana, you will love Lynn Woods. Dan hope your PF gets better. We got a long season ahead....!
    Fellow jogger

  5. Funny, I actually "feel" better running faster. It seems I shift gears or something. Almost like I don't breath hard enough when running slower so I don't get enough oxygen....though I am a heavy breather as people have told me when they heard me coming a half mile away.

    Since training for the 50K, I must say I have learned to appreciate and actually enjoy the art of running slower.....I do enjoy it.

  6. Doing doubles .. way to go jogger.


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