Friday, June 19, 2009

Product Testing And Review - Inov8 Roclite 320

The Roclite 320 is Inov8’s answer to ultra runners looking for a minimalist shoe that still offers enough cushioning and support to go the distance. Similar to its popular 305 model, the 320 is constructed with beefier webbing materials and medial posting giving the shoe more structure and a solid feel. This structure provides more lateral support than other shoes in the Inov8 product line.

Also adding to the weight of the shoe is a very solid toe cap that fully wraps around the toe box. I have a tendency to stub my toes on rocks and roots so I really appreciate the additional toe protection. On a recent run I banged my toe very hard against an exposed tree stump and my Roclites absorbed the impact without any damage done to my little piggies!

Although the 320s are nearly as heavy as my Brooks Cascadia 3s they feel much lighter and more nimble due to their low-profile design. Because the shoe sits low to the trail I am able to pick my way though a rocky section of trail quicker and more confidently than when I am wearing my Cascadias. The Roclite tread also has better traction over a wider variety of terrain.

All Inov8 shoes have very little arch support, if any. If you suffer from PF like I do you will need to replace the insole with something that has more arch support. I have been using the Dean Karnazes' custom footbeds from Sole. I don’t think I could run in the 320s, or any other shoe for that matter, without the additional support offered by the Sole insoles. I’m sure Superfeet would also work well.

If you’re looking to jump on the minimalist bandwagon, the Roclite 320 is a good choice to transition from the many over-designed shoes on the market.


  1. great review....i just wore the roclite 295s for the presi traverse..worked out well


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