Monday, June 1, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

I did a 10.5 mile trail run in Breakheart this morning. I had a very good run and felt no after affects from the tough time I had on the trails yesterday. Maybe it was the much cooler temperature today or the extra sleep I got last night. Whatever it was I'll take it!

I used this run to map out a possible course for a race I would like to put on in Breakheart if I can get permitting from the DCR. This is just in the initial planning stages and I'm not sure if I can pull it off by this fall. I wanted to have it in October but the Ranger at Breakheart told me October is a very busy month in Breakheart with many special events taking place. He said November would be better but that's getting late in the racing season and doing it then could limit turnout. Moving it forward into September doesn't give me a lot of time to line up sponsors, recruit volunteers, etc., etc. Freaking out just thinking about it.

Here is a short sampling of what the race will have to offer:

Running along the banks of the Saugus River.

More Saugus River running, just harder.

Sweet pine needle covered single track.

Trail to Camp Nihan.

Climbing Eagle Rock.

Your reward for climbing Eagle Rock!

Circumnavigating Pearce Lake under tall pines.

The start of Fox Trail.

Descending Breakheart Hill Trail.

One of many short, steep climbs on the Ridge Trail.

Beautiful view from Silver Lake Trail.

Running on Ash Path. Almost done!

Sweet Monday :-)


  1. Dan, count me in as a volunteer if you get the permit!

  2. the projected course looks great...seems like a little bit of everything. Every day now when I am at work, I long for a mid day trail run. I wish there were trails close enough to work for a noon run....I am envious that you get to pull that off.

    I am planning to hit the Bradbury mountain trails this weekend. That is where the trail monters have the three trail races. I can't wait.

  3. Dan, I hope your race fits in on my calendar, I'll definitely run it if I'm free. It looks like a beautiful area to run in.

    Glad you had a good run, the only worse than a bad run is two bad runs in a row!

  4. Dan, I will be torn between running and volunteering, maybe both would workout somehow. Your new header photo is so beautiful. I say check the calendar and see what the different months offer vis-a-vis scheduling of other popular trail races. You've seen and been part of no frills events. Perhaps the first year might have some sensible tongue-depressor finishing sticks and the low-stress NMC style awards. I can make a few prize contributions (relief prints, etc.)

  5. Thanks everyone for your interest and offers to help. I've agreed on a date with the Breakheart folks today (Sept 26th, although they have the option to push it back a week). Now I have to submit the permit application to DCR Special Events. If it's approved, it a go! I'll keep you updated.

  6. Very exciting Dan... thanks for the photo tour and hard work getting things in order!


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