Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Week Of Firsts - Weekly Training Update, Jun 8 - 13

A week of several firsts for me. I ran my first long run using the Galloway method with encouraging results. I'll be experimenting with different run/walk ratios in the weeks ahead. I raced in my first New England Mountain Running Circuit race this weekend at Northfield Mountain (race report will be up in a day or two). The race also served as the New England Trail Championships, my first time competing in a NE Championship race. Post-race a hungry group of dirt dancers descended on the Wagon Wheel restaurant for a delicious lunch. Visiting the Wagon Wheel and the quaint Town of Gill (pop. 1,620) were also firsts for me.

Weekly ReCap:

Total Miles: 41
Long Run: 20.4
# of Runs: 5
Avg Miles: 8.2
# of Races: 1
Race Miles: 6.3
Trail Miles: 80%


  1. Dan, dirty dirt dancer. Yes, the wheel was a rollin' good time. 5:1 ratio..but you'll find your run:walk niche. I'm willing to help you along those ratios. You kicked some major booties at your first mountain race. It's not really your first mountain other than "in title technically." Blue Hills (hhhmm not blue "mountains. DOH!). OK WAPACK. Yes, now there's some elevation.

  2. My week looked sickly next to yours....I have to get on the stick here!


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