Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Training Update

Re-Cap 10/13-10/19:

This was probably the best quality week I had during my training for the marathon over the past three months. I ran my long run at a faster than usual average pace, did a decent track workout midweek and ran a short trail race to finish the week up with a tempo-like run.

Total Miles: 46
Long Run: 20.5
# of Days: 6
Avg. Miles: 7.7
Trail Miles: 54%

Re-Cap 10/20 -10/26:

This was the first week of my three week taper for the Stone Cat Marathon. I missed my goals for total miles and long run distance, but not by much. There’s not much I can do now to run a faster race but there a lot I can do to mess things up. Better to under train these next two weeks and go into the marathon well rested than to over train and crash mid-race.

Total Miles: 25
Long Run: 10.3
# of Days: 4
Avg. Miles: 6.3
Trail Miles: 62%

The countdown continues…

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