Thursday, October 23, 2008

Product Review - CAMELBAK Octane XC Hydration Pack

I purchased this pack during the summer when I started doing longer training runs in preparing for the Stone Cat Marathon. I require a lot of fluids in hot weather and the 2-bottle waist pack I had didn’t hold enough fluids to get me past 2 hours of running. I chose the Octane because of its high fluid capacity, light weigh and snug fit.

Camelbak claims the Octane holds 70 oz for fluid but I have never been able to squeeze more than 64oz into the reservoir. That’s still enough to get me through 3 hours of running and beyond depending on weather conditions. The pack does not offer much storage space if that's what you’re looking for, but the two side pockets will keep you supplied with gels, snacks and other food items on most runs. It also has a top pocket perfect for storing keys and a cell phone. The thing I like best about the Octane is that it does not bounce even when filled to capacity. The adjustable sternum and waist belts keep the pack firmly in place.

If you’re looking for a pack that has tons of storage for a variety of extra gear, this is not the right pack for you. But, if you are mainly looking to carry extra water or sports drinks without a lot of extra weight, this is the hydration pack for you.

Drink up!


  1. Dan - on shorter runs try out the Body Bottle. It straps to your bicep (

  2. Dan, can you access the side pockets (when running) without having to remove the pack from your back? Trail Pixie Trespas

  3. Dear Pixie
    Yes, the pockets can be reached without removing the pack. They are small though and can hold more than a few gels, bars, small camera etc. You can try mine out on a run if you want to see if you like it before buying. I'll meet you by the tall tree next to the big rock. ;-)

  4. I mean CAN'T hold more than....sorry

  5. Thanks for the review! I'm trying to narrow down an appropriate CamelBak for my Mt. Whitney run in September. My main concern is picking up a model that doesn't shift too much while wearing. Seems the XC has that problem solved? Will make sure to give this model a once over at REI.

  6. Does the bladder deflate?

  7. I'm looking for a bag that will I can use when I want to jog home from the office. I'd only need room for slacks and a polo shirt. I guess my wallet, cell and keys as well. Do you think I'd be able to squeeze all of that in here?

  8. Gregory, it may be difficult to get both the slacks and shirt in the pack when the hydration bladder is full. You could secure the shirt to the pack using pull cord on the back.


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