Friday, May 14, 2010

This Weekend On The Trails

There's only one race in the area this weekend and it's the Soapstone Mountain race in Staffort Springs, CT.  This is a great race and is part of the Grand Tree Trail Race Series. I am registered to run but will have to pass on it.  I still have tightness and pain from my ITBS so it's preventing me from running.  

Course Description:
The first mile of the 24k travels along a slightly downhill dirt road before turning sharply onto a more 'traditional' hiking trail. From there it starts a slow accent towards Soapstone Mountain. After crossing the first road, the trail makes another sharp right where participants are challenged with the first difficult climb - a very steep 1/2 mile trail named "Killer Hill". Once at the top of the hill, runners travel by the Soapstone Mountain observation tower and then run down a steep descent. Following the downhill, the trail becomes a series of switchbacks and rollers through the woods - though it's challenging, the rollers aren't steep enough to dramatically alter one's overall pace. There are brook crossings and a muddy stream decent. There are lots of rocks and roots to twist ankles on. Watch your footing! Towards the latter half of the race, the course has one more significant climb up a single track, followed by a steep descent on a dirt trail continuing on dirt road and finishing on single track to end the race in a grassy field. The entire course is marking with painted white dots on rocks and trees. In areas where the trail splits or is tricky there will be additional flagging.

My 2009 Soapstone race report.

My 2009 Soapstone photos.

Have a great weekend!


  1. This Sunday is a ncie day for a hike..slow and steady and I bet there will be a whole bunch of amphibians on the trail after the rain : )

  2. Michelle, a hike is a great idea. I may try to get out for one just to seen how it impacts my injury. If if feels ok, hiking will be my activty for the summer! How are you feeling now? Better I hope.


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