Sunday, May 30, 2010

North Shore Trail Series

There's a new 2010 trail race series on the North Shore starting with the first race next weekend. It consists of six local races ranging in distance from 5K to 26.2 miles. Three of the races are held on private property so this series is a great opportunity to run on trails not generally open to the public.  Here is an excerpt from the race website.

"The North Shore Trail Series features six local trail races spread across six months. We've worked hard to put together a series that showcases the best trail running the North Shore has to offer. Over the course of the series you will experience gentle carriage roads, rocky single track, ocean vistas, and private estates normally closed to the public. With races ranging from a 5k to marathon, by the end of the series you will have experienced the full gamut of trail racing here on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Though the emphasis is on participation, we will be offering awards to top overall finishers and to top age group finishers."

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