Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Product Review - Inov-8 Flyroc 310

The Flyroc 310 is one of Inov-8s first trail shoes.  It has recently gone through some changes that improved on an already good design.  The 310 is light enough for racing but also offers enough cushioning to make it your everyday trainer. The upper webbing support provides a secure foot hold and the meta-flex grove in the sole allows the fore foot to flex naturally.  Both of these design features make the shoe very nimble on technical terrain. The mid sole is fairly stiff and offers good protection from rocks and roots.

The Flyroc is wider than the Roclite models and has a very generous toe box. This makes the Flyroc and excellent go-to shoe late in a 100 mile race when your feet are swollen and you're looking for some relief for your tired, aching dogs.  Another noticeable difference is the height of the heel.  In the Flyroc, your heel sits very low in the shoe.  This gives you an excellent feel for the trail and allows you to pick your way though a mine field of rocks and rocks more surely than with other trail shoes.

Unfortunately the low heel was my undoing. I suffer with plantar fasciitis and I think the lower heel must place addition strain on the plantar fascia.  After wearing the shoe for the first time in a 10 mile race I had a moderate flare-up in symptoms after being nearly symptom free for 3 - 4 months.   Although I don't recommend this shoe for sufferers of PF, I feel this is a very good trainer/racer on hard-pack and technical trails.


  1. I too have the PF problem. Thanks for the review

  2. Nice review...I am looking for a light trail shoe, with some support, and a roomier toe box. I am running the Mohican 100 on Saturday! and need one pair of trail shoes...I just received the Vasque Mindbender's, and I am afraid that they too wide and my heel is slipping (already heel lock every shoe I wear), which as you know can be a bad thing in an ultra. Therefore do you have any heel slipping issues with the Flyroc 310?

    I'll be back to read your blog more often.


  3. Hey KF

    The 310 is wider than most Inov-8 shoes but I don't have a problem with my heel slipping around. The toe box is very generous too. If you're concerned about it being too wide in the heel you can try the Rocklite 320. A great ultra shoe in my opinion but not as roomy nor wide as the 310.

    Good luck with your 100. Let me know how you make out.



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