Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Review

The month of April was good and bad to me.  It started off poorly with a very bad run at the Northern Nipmuck 16M race.  The heat got to me during the second half of the race.  I cramped badly and walked quite a bit over the final four miles.  Following Nipmuck I ran three good races at Merrimack River10M, Traprock 50K and Blue Hills 10M. At Merrimack and Blue Hills I ran negative splits and at Traprock the last 10K was my fastest of the race.

The day after Merrimack River I awoke with moderate knee pain.  I ran through it for a few days but when it didn't improve I rested for two days and the pain disappeared.  I thought I was in the clear but the pain returned at mile 21 at Traprock.  Again I ran through the pain and raced again at Blue Hills the following week.   Looking back, running four races in four consecutive weekends was not very wise given the knee pain.  I may have injured myself to the point were I'll have to take an extended amount of time off.  I should know for sure next week when I go for treatment.

Here are the numbers for the month.  Not bad, but I was shooting for 150 and could have reached that if I stayed healthy.

Total Miles: 139
Best Week: 47
Longest Run: 31
# of Runs: 18
Avg. Run: 7.2
# of Races: 4
Race Miles: 67

I have a strong feeling the numbers will look much worse for May.


  1. Hang in there Dan, I know its hard. One good thing I have noticed is after taking a bit of tim off(for injury or whatever) often has you coming back stronger than before! Can you do any cross training or are you on a strict rest only protocol?

  2. Juile, I could swim or workout or maybe bike if I belonged to a gym or owned a bike, but I don't so it's running or nothing for me.

  3. Dan - you are really coming on strong. As Julie says, coming off injuries usually folks find they are even stronger. Your body is just telling you to chill a little - listen to it and use some of that "wisdom" you've gained with age :-) Also, try using the roller regularly (daily) as part of your routine - it really pays off. Last, work on your core to get your body in alignment and strong at taking pressure off your hips, hammies and knees. Simple crunches and lunges do the trick and are free and require no gym, no membership and no equipment! D

  4. Dan, you can workout anywhere. No need for a gym membership.....lots of body weight stuff that you can put into a circuit. Yoga will def help out with the IT band as well.


  5. Runny buddy!? you ok? Heal the limbs so we can loop-d-loop in the woods.

  6. Dan, slow down buddy. You're not as young as you used to be :-) Neither am I. I think I'll only be running about 10 races this year. A far cry from the 45 I did last year.


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