Friday, July 31, 2009

Stone Cat 50M

I got home from a rain soaked run this morning. It was a pleasant break from the heat and humidity that has been beating me up all week. Before jumping in the shower I checked the GAC website and there it was:

"What's New? 7/31/2009 Stone Cat Application is up for 2009. Click here for the application. Click here for more info. Race date is November 7"

I immediately filled out my application and brought it to the post office. I know there was no need to rush mailing in my application but this is the race I have been thinking about all year. I just couldn't wait!


  1. Dan, I am about to do the same on the Stone Kitty application. I am in for the marathon cersus the 50 miler. The Marathon is so great and doing this will leave room for other longish events beforehand...and Trail Pixie foot health afterwards. Are you in for the 50? I will be able to haggle you and take photos!!

  2. Dan, great! thanks for the reminder. I see you signed up for the 50miler. Yay! I will be in the marathon so I can take photos and have some fun out there cheering you on!


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