Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Trail Running Day - August 22, 2009

Chris, a follower of my blog, is promoting the Inaugural National Trail Running Day in order to bring awareness to the sport of Trail Running and asked if I would help him by mentioning it here. We all love the sport deeply so whatever we can do to get others involved is a good thing. I just hope it doesn't get too popular. I would hate to see the commercialization and chaos of the road running scene make its way to the trails.


  1. I'll be out there (I think I have 20 scheduled for the day). And I agree that the commercialization and chaos of the road running scene would ruin it.

  2. I'll be running on that day.. on the beach. :)

  3. There are no events scheduled for Massachusetts yet. Maybe we should organize our own fun run.

  4. Haha!!! Check out my latest post. I also agree with you about this sport being popular...I think I wouldn't like it anymore;-) But I think that just can not happen.


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