Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Night At The Races

Being off from work allowed me to make it to the Lynn Woods Races without the stress of fighting my way through Boston's rush hour traffic. Before the race I picked up KZ at the Oak Grove T stop and soon we were on the road to the race. Well, actually not so soon as we got stuck in Route 1 rush hour traffic. There's just no escaping it!

After registering for the long (5.5 miles) race we went out for a warm-up on the short (2.5 mile) course. From the start you could feel the air, heavy with moisture from the obsessive humidity. We probably ran the warmup a little to quick and I was already dripping by the time we finished the warmup.

The race went off and KZ and me settled in somewhere mid-pack. Still, our pace felt slightly fast considering the heat and humidly. I decided to just go with it and see how long I could hold on. We were passing people along the way and about 1.5 miles into the race KZ pulled away on a downhill. He is a must faster downhill runner than me and can accelerate quickly when he makes a move. I kept him in sight but I knew there was no catching him.

About 2.5 miles in KZ slowed down so I could catch up. We hit the climb on Dungeon Road, a hill I can usually run but today I had to take it using a brisk walk. The humidify was really kicking my butt. Once cresting the hil we starting running again. Once again KZ pulled away on the downhill and later on waited up for me. He definitely helped me though this run. If he had not waited up for me and pulled me to the finish line I know I would have just slowed down and coasted on in. He kept me honest today. Thanks KZ.

When I finished I was soaked from hat to shoes. I looked and felt like I had gone for a swim in the lake. A tough workout for sure but I was happy to have done some faster running and glad KZ was able to make it.


  1. wah..I did not know there was a race last night!!!! I would have joined you guys...I went for a slow run with my friend Roy but would have rather ran with you guys..

  2. Dan, sounds like the Woods was more like a Lake Run?! Surely you and Kz are al sorts of adjusted to the Humidity after that run! He is a great down hiller. You guys are two tough nuggets! woah.

  3. Michelle, there's a race every Wednesday, June through Sept.

  4. Dan,
    I know what you mean about being that drenched with sweat...I had a similar experience on my H..H..Humidity run.

  5. The traffic killed me 3 weeks ago when I tried to make it to the race, and I just gave up. I should try again, though. As far as the heat and humidity, I am begining to think that there is no way my body will ever adjust! Ana


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