Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekly Training Update- Jul 20 - 26

My goal for the week was 40 - 45 miles but I missed getting out one day for a planned tempo run and came up short for the week at 37 miles. A little disappointing but still not a bad week. I got in a very good long run under difficult weather conditions. Still, I'm hoping the hot, humid weather stays away for a while, even if it is summer.

Weekly ReCap:
Total Miles: 37
Long Run: 24
# of Runs: 4
Avg. Run: 9.25
Trail Miles: 63%


  1. Wow! even with difficult schedules and tough weather conditions you are still slamming the miles.....that is so funny complaining about only 37 miles...I only ran 27 HAHA...makes me feel a bit undertrained. You know a step back week has many pluses

  2. Kevin, you're right. My hamstring was a little sore and tender on today's run so maybe a few easy days are in order.


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