Monday, July 27, 2009

Escaping The Heat

I ran in Lynn Woods today to escape the sun and heat. I strategically ran the trails that would offer the most shade and cooler temperatures. Still a bit wet and muddy in spots but not as bad as it was on Saturday. I felt pretty good and ran a decent pace (for me) averaging 10:30 for a 15K workout. My legs felt fine so my recovery from Saturday's 24 mile run seems to be complete. My only concern was some tightness and pain in my right hamstring. I hope it's just some residual stiffness from the weekend and nothing more. It worries me a bit because i never have any issues with the right hamstring. I think I'll take Pathfinder's advice and take it easy for a few days. It can't hurt.

Oh, almost forgot. I saw a blue heron standing atop a rock on the banks of Walden Pond. First time I've spotted one. Unfortunately, I scared it off before I could take a photo. Beautiful bird!


  1. In training, err on the side of caution. In racing, race.

  2. Dan, Love the woods! Blue Herron, how elusive. I worked out 4 days in a row and now the quads are saying, "No Mas!" Oh my litte re-entry into Body pump has me gleefully sore... let's run soon.


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