Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Training Update - Sep 7 - 13

I finished the first week of my nine week Stone Cat 50M training schedule very close to plan. I went a little over the planned weekly total and long run mileage. I also missed my schedule track workout when something came up unexpectedly and I had to be somewhere when I should have be on the track. To make up for the skipped track session I did a 6 mile trail run at an 8:06 pace. The trail run was harder than my track workout would have been so I feel OK about missing it. I know I'm still not fully recovered from the 50K I ran two weeks ago. I'm still feeling a general sense of fatigue most days. No time to rest though. That will have to wait until taper time.

Total Miles: 42
Long Run: 15.6
# of Run: 5
Avg Run: 8.4

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