Friday, September 11, 2009

** Update to Drymax Sock Review **

OK, It seems I may have written off these socks without using them properly. I can see all of you out there scratching your heads and asking yourselves, "How hard can it be to wear a sock correctly? That Dan can't be very bright". Let me explain.

My practice with all brands of socks I wear is to first sprinkle some foot powder into the sock and shake it up to get even distribution throughout the sock. This helps to keep my foot dry and hopefully prevent blisters. Well, this it totally the wrong thing to do with Drymax socks and it may actually cause blisters by preventing the sock from working the way it was designed.

This afternoon, I received a email from Bob at Drymax regarding my recent review. From his experience and knowledge of the product he knew something wasn't quite right with it. Here is a portion of his email.

"I'm sorry that your experience wasn't the best with our socks. In an effort to continually improve our products, we always encourage constructive and candid feedback from our athletes in order to solve any negative issues. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, may I ask if you were using any lubricants on your feet or using any fabric softener? This is usually when we hear about blister issues with our socks. This is because lubricants and powders clog up the Drymax technology. Also, fabric softeners impart a charge on the Drymax fiber making them attract and hold moisture. We would appreciate any input you would have to improve our socks. We hear so many success stories everyday that when we hear somebody having issues with our products we want to get to the bottom of what may be happening"

So, with this new found knowledge in hand, I'm going to give the Drymax another chance to chase away my blister problem for good. I'll let you know how it played out at a later date.


  1. Dan, thanks for checking out my course, I was wondering if you thought the 6 hours or better could apply to this course...even though the first ten miles are up hill. I did run this part of the course last month and it is slow going. I guess I should gage it by the long run times I've had...just like you mentioned. Thanks!

  2. Had great luck with my Drymax V3 socks.

  3. Dan! What an interesting discovery! No softeners no powders..hhhmm. Keep those feet blister free! Great that that Bob at Drymax heard you and responded.


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