Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Training Update - Apr 20 - 26

This was my best training week in a month. I manged to get in a long run on the trails in Breakheart on Marathon Monday and get my mileage back up after a low week while vacationing in Florida. My plantar fasciitis, although still an issue, seems to be improving slightly. I did all of my runs this week without taping my arches and the pain in my feet did not increase at all. This is a positive sign and I hope things continue to improve. I did the Blue Hills 10 mile trail race on Sunday (details later), slower than anticipated but still a nice run in some seriously warm weather. I even had a beer after the race compliments of KZ.

Total Miles: 40
Long Run: 15
# of Runs: 5
Avg Miles: 8
Trail Miles: 61%


  1. Wow, 40 miles is a lot! Glad the PF is behaving - my husband has that and he finds that: 1)not ever going barefeet, 2) streching his calves and 3) doing those exercises where you roll a tennis ball on the bottom of your feet and 4) icing his feet after every physical activity- are helping him stay active and pain free!

  2. Ana, I do all of those things but I admit not as consistantly as I should.

  3. Dan,

    I can't wait to read your report on the Blue Hills Race. I had completely forgotten that it was today. I was down there hiking with my wife and daughter when we stumbled upon an aid station. I kept looking for you and Kevin (and Rob who I have yet to meet) but only saw tons of hot sweaty runners I didn't recognize.

  4. Congrats on a great training week and 61% trails of it is really fortunate! Lucky you!


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