Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Product Testing and Review - Headsweats Race Cap

I purchased this hat the day before the Fells trail race as a backup to my REI runner' s cap. I'm happy I did since race day was unseasonably warm and humid. My REI cap was very wet after 1:40 on the trail so I swapped it out for the Headsweats cap. I feel this cap is far superior to the the REI cap.

First off, it's very light even though it appears to be more substantial than the REI cap. Second, the CoolMax material is extremely soft making this a very comfortable cap to wear on extended runs. The fit is quite good and the cap has an adjustable strap for fine tuning.

I also like the CoolMax fabric shell which provides good moisture management and maximum air flow. As an eyeglass wearer, the soft, comfortable terry headband is what I appreciate most. It absorbs a great deal of perspiration keeping my glasses dry and my vision unobscured. A very important feature for a trail runner who trips often due to wet glasses! With summer approaching we'll be spending more time on the trails and in the sun. It's a good idea to wear a cap with a visor to protect your face from the harmful rays on the sun.

Put a lid on it....


  1. I'll have to give caps a try. I look so goofy with a cap on, that I have been avoiding them at all costs:) Ana

  2. Nah, you can pull it off. Put the hair in a pony and stick it out the back of the cap. You'll look great. It even comes in pink! Can you tell I have daughters?

  3. Looks nice, can you tell if the stiffener material in the bill is fiberboard (cardboard) or a plastic material? I sweat a LOT and other hats just absorb too much moisture into the bill.

  4. Clinton, I sweat a lot too and love the hat. I'm pretty sure the visor is plastic. When I tap it it sounds like plastic and when I put my head down the sweat just runs off the end of the it. Cardboard would have absorbed it.

    I see you're running Nipmuck on the 11th. I'll be there to. Hope to see you there.


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