Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tearing Down Tucker Hill

I forgot I had taken a short video during my Blue Hills run on Saturday. It was taken during the only (and very brief) time when the sun was shining. I started my camera after we had crested Tucker Hill and I was beginning to get my breathing back under control. During a fairly steep descent I got moving pretty quickly and had a hard time putting the brakes on. The video does the downhill no justice but I can tell you from experience it is steep!

Disclaimer: The people in this video are not actors but real trail runners.

As you can see from the elevation profile much of the morning was spent climbing and descending.

A roller-coaster ride.


  1. Holy Rusted Metal Bat Man! Is that THE elevation. woah. What is Bogie wearing around his shoulders, his bat cape? Fun video!

  2. TP, That's funny, I was thinking Bat Man too and almost posted something to that effect. Bogie took his arms out of his rain poncho and the sleeves were flapping in the breeze. Thought he might leap off the side of the hill and glide to the bottom!

  3. Yep, I remember doing Tucker Hill last year during the BH Skyline Trail Run, there is a reason why I consider that my first 'real' trail race. Good luck over at NN tomorrow!


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