Monday, February 16, 2009

Tour de Breakheart

Sunday morning me and KZ made our way to Breakheart Reservation for a planned two hour run. This was KZ's first time to Breakheart so I thought I would take him on a tour and show him most of the park's interesting sites. The trails were covered with snow and ice but we came prepared with traction assistance. KZ had his high-tech Kahtoola microspikes and I had my $2 worth of sheet metal screws secured to the soles of my Cascadia 3s. Both worked well but I have to give the Kathoola's the edge because Kevin was able to fly down icy descents while I had to take a more cautious approach. Not all the run was done over ice and snow. We also got to enjoy stomping through some mud and water as well. Some of the higher elevations were almost completely snow free as we ran across granite ridge lines whipped by the cold winds.

We took your time, stopping to take several photos along the way and bask in the bright sunshine beaming from the clear blue sky. KZ was very impressed with the variety and difficulty of the terrain and thought the run was nearly as difficult as the Skyline Trail in the Middlesex Fells. My Garmin 205 showed we covered a total of 10.50 miles in 2:16:01 with 1753 feet of elevation gain. This was the first time I ran a double digit workout since running a 30K on January 10th.

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I hope you enjoy our photo journal!

Me running through the trees. I'm really in there somewhere!

KZ on snow covered single-track.

KZ on Eagle Rock - Boston Skyline

Ain't nothin' but trees out there.

Yep, It's a long way down!

Frozen Pearce Lake - Eagle Rock in background.

There's a new life guard in town.

Taking a break at Fox trail head

It doesn't look so tough to me.

I'm the little voice in your head, Kev!

KZ atop Castle Rock, highest point in Breakheart (280 feet)

King of the Hill

Have a good one....


  1. Great pictures!!!! Seems like a very interesting trail system. I think I will have to run it some time.

  2. Dan, How did you do a 10+ mile trail run after racing on Saturday? I was toast and struggled through a 7 mile run on Sunday. Way to hang tough!!

  3. Kevin - if you're ever in the area, feel free to let me know. I'll take you on the tour!

    Scotty - I "race" way slower than you so I should have a little more energy than you the day after. Right?

  4. Great pix. KZ really loves to pose! Seems like the two of you had lots of fun!

  5. Yeah, he is a real ham! I'll have to get you to join us after Boston.

  6. Sounds like fun! I got my hour-plus on the Bay Circuit in Saturday. The trails here are finally runable, but barely. I think I was averaging 15 min/miles "speed hiking" over the ice and snow, but it was fun being back on the trail after far too long!

    I might be able to do a loop with you guys in a couple Saturdays. It'd be worth the company, but I am finding my @$$ is 'winterized' which isn't a good thing, unless I need to stay warm on an iceberg!


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