Friday, February 27, 2009

Granite State Snowshoe Series Final Standings

Well, the 2009 Granite State Snowshoe Series is in the books and the final standings have been posted. I finished 18th out of 165 male racers and my team, Dungeon Rock Racing finished 2nd overall. I guess I don't suck at this as much as I thought I did! In all fairness, many (but not all) of the people I beat ran fewer races than I did. Obviously, you can't score points if you don't race. But that's what I like about race series. A middle of the pack runner can still do well if they have the motivation and determination to push themselves through many races. Some people just aren't willing to pay the price.

My hat's off to Chris Dunn, Race Director Extraordinaire, who made running this series very rewarding. Chris is the RD for 3 quality races in the series and a great ambassador for the sport. He also manages to obtain an unbelievable amount of sponsorship so that almost everyone goes home from his races with some type of award or prize.

Women's Rankings

Men's Rankings

Team Rankings

See you next season.......


  1. Hey congrats!!!!!! great effort and a good base for spring trails

  2. Blogger is working well, for now...fingers crossed.

    Congrats on such a big accomplishment. 18th out of 165, that's wonderful!



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