Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can it really snow that much?

Looking out the window and watching the snow fall I thought “Not again.” This has been a crazy winter. I dislike winter. Then I received an email with some photos taken after a recent storm in Ontario, Canada. Now I’m thinking, “This winter isn’t so bad!”

This is so wrong!


  1. I am not crazy about winter, though running outdoors helps! However, I would not mind just one day like they had in Canada, to play outside in the snow!Ana

  2. HOLY CRAP!! That is un-frigging believable! No thank you!

  3. I can remember winters like this when I was a kid. They had to clear the roads with buldozers!
    We were throwing snow over our heads as shoveling the walk....of course I was only 5 feet tall then.

  4. Kevin,
    Yeah, I remember when it snowed for 3 days in 1978. Everything was closed, no cars allowed on the roads and the snowbanks we 10-15 feet high. Everyone was out walking in the streets. It was great! Now I don't get so excited about a large snowstorm.

  5. Ditto - I remember Winters like that when I was a kid in Minnesota! Before snowblowers! The government was concerned about the impending "ice age" not global warming....

  6. Wow! Incredible, it makes London's worst snowstorm in 1 years look like a little sprinkling of snow.


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