Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Training Update - 1/5 -1/11

Monday: no running.

Tuesday: 4.0 miles, 10:16 pace – My usual lunch time run to the park a half mile from where I work. I thought there would have been more snow melt in Boston compared to where I live on the North Shore but I was wrong. Once I got to the park it was mostly hard-packed snow and ice. I wasn't wearing my screw shoes so the going was slow in my Merrell Overdrives. I've had a few spills lately so I took it easy not wanting to risk any more injuries. The weather was almost perfect, just a little too much wind. I felt sluggish the entire run but would have gone longer if the footing was better. Expecting snow, sleet and freezing rain tomorrow so I will probably take the day off.

Wednesday: Snow, sheet and freezing rain as forecasted, no running.

Thursday: 2.4 miles, 10:17 pace - A pretty crappy run today. Ran from work to the park but it was covered in snow and ice from Wednesdays storm. I did one loop around the park and went back to work. No need to risk a fall with the tricky footing. (Note to self - bring screw shoes tomorrow.)

Friday: 3.7 miles, 9:31 pace - Another run from work around the park. Man is this getting boring. The sidewalks are clear but due do to my plantar fasciitis I have to avoid the concrete and run at the park. It's too bad because I have some pretty interesting running routes around Boston, Brookline, Jamaica Plain and Chestnut Hill..... maybe someday. Still lots of ice around the park but I wore my Cascadia 3 screw shoes and traction was not an issue like yesterday. Still the running was difficult because all the ruts caused by pedestrian traffic had frozen and the running surface was very uneven. I'm glad it's Friday so I can get out of the city and run in the woods over the weekend.

Saturday: 18.6 miles, 11:00 pace - Ran three, 10K loops with Kevin Z at the GAC Fat Ass in Topsfield, MA. A very cold and windy morning but at least the sun was shinning. Running in deep, powdery snow is exhausting! I am way under trained to be running a 30K but sometimes it's hard to quit even when you know you should. I'll post a complete report soon. Note: the new picture with my blog title was taken yesterday during the race. Beautiful scene!

Sunday: no running.......More Snow!! I've lost count, but I think this is the 5th storm of the season with measurable snow. It's going to be a long winter.

Weekly Re-Cap:

Total Miles: 29
# of Runs: 4
Avg. Miles: 7.2
Trail Miles: 65%


  1. Hey there Dan,

    Wow, 30k on those trails, your quads must be howling! I would definitely say that you are a victim of the tough terrain moreso than the lack of fitness. I think you have been served well by the snowshoe and icy/snowy trail runs you have embarked on at breakheart so far this winter. It might be due to the PF in short sight, but the trail training in the snow is VERY good for building general leg strength.


  2. Dan,
    Sounds like a great week even thought the snow (ice) worked against you. You were much more productive than I. I would have liked to make the Fat ass race but I was up northern maine for the weekend I hope to get back into a schedule this week.


  3. Kevin, Sorry you didn't make it to the FA. I saw a bunch of Trail Monsters there and I spoke with Emma for a while. She's such a nice person. Hope our paths cross soon.


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