Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grand Tree Trail Race Series Schedule For 2009

With several inches (feet) of snow on the ground depending where you live, and more snow falling as I write this, thoughts of spring are filling my head with the release of the 2009 Grand Tree Trail Race Series schedule. It's time to start putting together my tentative trail race plans for this year. I know, I still have a few snowshoe races to run over the next 4 weeks but who can resist thinking about warmer temperatures and running through green forests!

Not all the race sites have been updated for 2009 as of today so I won't post any links until most of them are available. I'm bummed that Northern Nipmuck and Merrimack River are on the same day. I wanted to do both. I'm also disappointed that Diamond Hill is not on the schedule. It's a nice course and home of my first trail race so it holds some sentimental value. Those who know me well, know how sensitive I am. No laughing!

Ok, here is the complete list of 24 races for the coming year. Shake off those winter blues and start planning!
  1. 4.11.09 Northern Nipmuck 16M

  2. 4.11.09 Merrimack River 10M

  3. 4.26.09 Muddy Moose 14M

  4. 5.03.09 Seven Sisters 12M

  5. 5.09.09 MoFun Wapack 50M, 42M, 21M (Choose your poison)

  6. 5.17.09 Soapstone Mountain 14.5M

  7. 6.07.09 Northern Nipmuck Marathon (Has an entry requirement)

  8. 6.13.09 Northfield Mountain 10.3K (NE Trail Championships)

  9. 6.21.09 Greylock Trail Race 13.5M

  10. 6.28.09 Cranmore Hill Climb 13.5K (USA Mountain Championships)

  11. 7.12.09 Skyline Trail Race 7.2M

  12. 8.01.09 People's Forest Trail 7M

  13. 8.08.09 Oxford Dam Race 10.5M

  14. 8.16.09 Savoy Mountain 22M

  15. 8.23.09 Mt. Toby 14M

  16. 8.30.09 Wapack 17.5M

  17. 9.13.09 Pisgah 50K, 23K

  18. 9.20.09 Curly's Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

  19. 10.04.09 Breakneck 20K

  20. 10.11.09 Monroe Dunbar Brook 10.5M

  21. 10.18.09 Groton Forest 9.5M

  22. 10.25.09 Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon

  23. 11.01.09 Busa Bushwack 15K

  24. 11.??.09 Stone Cat 50M, 26.2M


  1. I'm thinking of doing that Muddy Moose...I hear it is quite fun. Have you thought of trying to catch one of the Bradbury trail races? They are on the trailmonsters web site.

  2. Kevin, I doesn't get the name "Muddy" for nothing. Check out the photos on the race website. It's a real mud bath! I have already put together a tentative race schedule for 2009. I'll have to see if I can fit in one of the Bradury races. I've never run there and it's always nice to try a new location.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I'll be doing some of these races as well, but nothing before July 1st, as I will be resting after Boston and after a triathlon I have in June. I will def. see you at Wapack, though! Ana

  4. Dan,
    Muddy Moose is so fun...try to do it. Last year it was the day after the Morfun and I could not miss I did both..the mud killed me : ) I fell in a giant puddle up to my chest...the food after is great..they have these big home made worth the ruined shoes. I just saw your invite for the snowshoe...I have been under the weather this weekend, but feeling great today..I would love another can email me directly at if you are ever doing a group run or snowshoe and you would not mind me tagging along : )
    ps love the pictures and all the great stuff on your blog...I have blog envy ; )


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