Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weeky Training Update - Aug 18 - 24

What a fantastic week to be a runner. Cooler temperatures, sunny skies and finally, no rain! I took advantage of this improvement in the weather and did two long runs this week; 15 and 17 miles. I felt very good on the first one but struggled on the second. Just not enough recovery time in between. The most enjoyable part of the 17 miles was the refreshing plunge into Pearce Lake at the end of the run. Oh yeah! Overall, it was a very good week of training. If the weather holds up this week I will be heading to New Ipswich, NH to run 17.5 rugged, rocky miles on the Wapack trail.
Pearce Lake

Actual Week vs. Planned

Total Miles: 43 - 44
Long Run: 17 - 16
# of Runs: 4 - 5
Avg. Miles: 10.8 - 8.8
Trail Miles: 72%


  1. Great week Dan! Two longer runs AND heavy on the trails is a great sign! Also, your post on that long run through breakheart and Lynn Woods has me really wanting to do all of my 18 miles in Willowdale this weekend.

  2. Rob
    I know it's tempting to get on the trails but you should probably do most of your long runs on the roads. Since you are doing a road marathon this fall you want your training to simulate race day as closely as possible. You will get plenty of miles on the trails when you start training for your 50K!!


  3. Dan , Thanks for the comments regarding the Merril Trail Shoe, I have a wide foot so I'll take your advice and go up 1/2 size.



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