Monday, September 5, 2016

A Run to Remember Eric Sherman

Yesterday morning I made the short drive to Willowdale State Forest in Ipswich to celebrate the life of Eric Sherman. Eric passed unexpectedly last month at the early age of 53. The run was organized by Eric's good friend Mike and Willowdale was one of Eric's favorite places to train. I'm guessing he really loved the trails here since he lived two hours away and would often meet Mike at 5 am for training runs. It's just an indication how passionate Eric was about running. Thankfully, Mike cut this grumpy old man some slack (and everyone else) and started this run at 7 am. Actually, I had it easy compared to Eric's friend Steve who drove up from New Jersey to join in the run. Good friends do this kind of stuff.

A great turnout for the run. (photo credit: someone's iPhone)

Happy times at the famous(?) Chevy Chevette. (photo credit: Stephanie Cooper)

Mike named a gate after Eric to commemorate his wrong way turn during their first Willowdale run. 

Eric doing what he loved. RIP

A message from Mike:

Eric lived a great life that included a loving family, many great friends and a long lasting love of the outdoors that he nurtured with his love of hiking and trail running.
Eric became a fixture in the New England Ultramarathoning community over the last 5-6 years of his life with his entry and involvement in a great many races. He became well-known beyond New England thru his podcast "DFL Ultrarunning." His ideas from this medium were to expose a great many people to his sport and to focus on the every day runners who are drawn to this sport and to be a voice of encouragement to all who choose to participate.
As an active and healthy of a lifestyle as Eric led it did not stop him from being stricken down from heart disease at the very young age of 53. A void that will never be filled has been left with his family, friends and all who knew him. We ask that you consider honoring his memory with a donation that will help the American Heart Association fight heart disease. Thank you. mjs

Donations appreciated.



  1. What a beautiful day for the memorial run. Peace Eric, Peace.

    1. Em, I agree and also a reminder to never take any day for granted. Hope to see you soon.


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