Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AT On My Mind

The more time I spend away from running the less likely it is I'll return to it.   It's not that my love for the sport has diminished, but my need for it certainly has.   I find myself thinking more about long-distance backpacking and less about long-distance running.  I'm not ready for either activity right now but in time I hope to get back to doing something that will make me feel whole.  Until then, I'm happy there are others out there willing to share their adventures.  

Here's a good look at Maine's 100 mile wilderness on the Appalachian Trail courtesy of Martin Rye.


  1. Dan,
    I too have a silent draw in my mind for backpacking and hope to do the 100 mil wilderness perhaps next year.....can't imagine not running anymore though...that must be tough

    1. Kvein,

      I'll probably start with something easier like the 54 miles through CT.

  2. Dan, when are we going? (BCT?) I know what you are going through....as long as we can be out there in nature, moving around (even if just spinning to catch a view of a hawk wing) it is a start!

    1. Em,

      When I can walk up and down hills, we're are going. Still have 100 mile to cover!


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